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Ten Invariants 十不變

1. 三心定律不變

2. 佛說法五要不變 (真諦   緣起         解脫


4. 一切眾生皆可成佛不變

5. 佛心不變

6. 如來藏圓覺心場不變

7. 佛三無不變 (無得  無説   無度

佛三三昧不變 (空寂   無相無想   無願無求無作


10. 因果律 因果難測 法性恆常不變

Ten Invariants

1) The Triple Heart Law is invariant

2) 5 things that Buddha teaches us is invariant
     -the truth ( The Buddha heart is the Truth)
     -Causality (The Skandas heart is the Causality)
     -the way (To extinct the Heart of Skandas is the Way)

3) Everybody having a Buddha-heart or Buddha-nature is invariant

4) Everybody being able to become a Buddha is invariant

5) The Buddha Heart is invariant

6) The Buddha Heart Field is invariant

7) Buddha three emptiness is invariant (from Diamond Sutra)

   - no teaching - when Buddha expounds the Dharma, there is really no Dharma to teach

    - no liberation - no living beings whom the Tathagata can liberate

    - no gain -  Buddha has not gained even the least Dharma from Supreme enlightenment

8) Buddha's three samadhis is invariant

     - Emptiness & tranquility (No mark = Emptiness; no thought = tranquility)

      - No mark & no thought

      - No wish/seeking/acting

9) Detachment from the skandas heart and approach to the Buddha heart by way of no-thought is invariant

10) Cause-effect law is invariant

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